Welcome to BritPulp!

This site will feature book reviews and general ruminations about books, TV, films, music and anything else I care to write about at the time.

The starting place is my love for noir and pulp crime novels, midnight tales of desperate losers and tarnished private eyes, femme fatales and serial killers. James Ellroy, Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Sara Paretsky, Ross Macdonald, Chester Himes, Derek Raymond, Jim Thompson, Walter Mosely, Ken Bruen, Cathi Unsworth, David Goodis, Lawrence Block,  James Crumley…

Could go anywhere from there really.

Why BritPulp?

The site’s name obviously derives from the pulp crime and noir novels of the mid-twentieth century. The Brit reflects the fact that I am an English writer writing about a primarily American art form and echoes the britpop phenomena of the 1990’s. There was an anthology edited by Tony White in 1999 which had the same title – it has nothing to do with that and I’m pretty sure I heard it used to describe the South London private eye novels of Mark Timlin first.